Porsche To Add 1400 New Jobs

Porsche announced the addition of 1400 new jobs on Tuesday as it expands its workforce and boosts its production staff  to do the first all-electric cars, getting head to head to Tesla Motors.

According to the data provided by the car manufacturer, around 1,200 positions will be opened to build a paint shop and the new assembly line for the battery-powered Mission. From the 150 trainees previously, the company plans to make it 220 this time.

Moreover, the German automobile manufacturer is looking for 100 information-technology specialists and 50 digital experts. The other jobs will be available in the main factory in Stuttgart, Germany.


Aside from Tesla Motors, the company also will raise the bar against Google and Apple Incorporated, which has been one of the developers of highly technological vehicles.

Porsche Self-Driving and Electric Vehicles

Porsche has showed interest in self-driving technology as well, despite the recent involvement of Tesla’s Autopilot mode in accidents. The newest Panamera sports sedan showcased an adaptive control system and a satellite navigation data.

“Right now that’s very important that an assistance system, it is far away from autonomous driving. You can take your hands off for a couple of seconds, but the driver is still in control, he’s still responsible. Of course all these systems…coming to the car are the first step in that direction,” Dr Gernot Dollner, Product Line Director for Panamera said.


“We have defined various levels of autonomous driving and level five is a car without a driver, which doesn’t really makes sense for Porsche because they are driver-oriented cars. We are now on level two. Level four would be autonomous driving on special roads, like the autobahn, or for a special time, but we are a way from that,” Mr. Dollner added.

Meanwhile, a person associated with Porshe revealed that the company is building an electric car which was named as electrified 911.  The report was in-line with the initiative of Porshe to provide a hybrid version of every model in the future.

August Achleitner, 911 product director, reiterated the disadvantages of then company’s plan and the irrelevance in today’s market. Mr. Achleitner explained in an interview that it wouldn’t make sense in their opinion to offer an electric 911, or hybrid version, because there are so many disadvantages of such a concept within this narrow layout of a 911.

Porsche in India

Separately, Porsche plans to experiment a a two-pronged approach to its operations in India as the number of millionaires in the country continue to surge and the economy rebounds. The company is set to launch new models to capture the interest of the car aficionados in India.


Pavan Shetty, Porsche India’s newly appointed director, confirmed that the first plan for them is to reach their customers and for that, they will increase their representation in the country.

“We will add more dealers in the coming months. We will have a dealer in Chennai and another in Hyderabad and also improve upon the existing service facilities. We would rather have no dealers than wrong dealers for Porsche. It is going to be a strict process and hopefully, by next year we would have two more at least,” Mr. Shetty said.

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